2nd engineer - Cargo vessels

Détail du poste

Date de clôture 2019-12-31
Titre du poste 2nd engineer - Cargo vessels
Secteur d'emploi Shipboard personnel
Région Great Lakes, Arctic, Maritimes
Ville Québec
Type d'emploi Permanent
Description du client Groupe Desgagnés Inc. provides in a safe and reliable manner, seaway passage for persons, goods and merchandise of all types, through related maritime and land-based services required to fulfill this mandate. It is a reliable and dependable business partner in all respects, as evidenced by the quality of all of our services and operations.
Description du poste DESGAGNÉS MARINE CARGO INC. is recruiting 2nd engineers for its cargo vessels trading on the Great Lakes, in Eastern Canada and in the Canadian Arctic.

Under the supervision of the Chief Engineer, he is responsible for the planning and supervision of preventive maintenance activities and repairs to the ship's machinery, equipment and systems. His specific responsibilities are the preventive maintenance and maintenance of the main engine and propulsion system and the supervision of the maintenance of the auxiliary machinery.
Compétences requises - Second-class engineer, motor ship Certificate of Competency or higher (STCW)
- Valid Marine Medical Certificate
- Certificate of Competency in Marine Emergency Duties (STCW)
- Marine Advanced First Aid certificate
- Five (5) to eight (8) years of experience as a junior, 3rd or 4th engineer
- Proficiency in English (Working Language)
Conditions particulières