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Groupe Desgagnés is a Quebec conglomerate known for the quality of its maritime and land operations.

It has been a leading light in the merchant marine since 1866.


Areas of Operations

Groupe Desgagnés' areas of operations extends West from its headquarters on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City to the Great Lakes, East to the Maritimes and the U.S. eastern seaboard, and North to the Middle and Lower North Shore and all the way up to the Arctic Ocean and the seas of the world.

Greatest Asset:
Its Staff

Groupe Desgagnés has always understood that its past, present, and future employees are its greatest asset.

In its quest for excellence, the staff is supported by cutting edge equipment and continuous training.

Field of expertises

From its oil tankers, freighters, passenger and cargo vessels, roll-on/roll off vessels, tugs to its charter, naval repairs, salvage services, crane and heavy equipment rentals and operations, intermodal transfers and its road transportation services, Groupe Desgagnés extensive operations generate a multitude of job opportunities.

With Groupe Desgagnés, you can put your skills to work in a wide variety of positions, whether in an office, on a ship, in a workshop, or on the road:

  • Manager,
  • Administrator,
  • Vessel superintendant,
  • Maintenance superintendant,
  • Accountant,
  • Controller,
  • Human resources advisor,
  • Occupational health and safe advisor,
  • Environment advisor,
  • Quality, safety, security advisor,
  • Buyer,
  • Sales representative,
  • IT technician,
  • Engineer,
  • Marine mechanical engineering technician,
  • Transportation logistics technician,
  • Maritime transportation analyst,
  • Captain,
  • Shore captain,
  • Navigational officer,
  • Engineer officer,
  • Oiler,
  • Wheelsman,
  • Sailor,
  • Cook,
  • Chief cook,
  • Maintenance foreman,
  • Specialized maintenance, naval repair, or salvage operations technician,
  • Welder,
  • Equipment operator,
  • Crane operator,
  • Truck driver,
  • Dock worker,
  • Beach master,
  • Mechanics,
  • Administrative assistant.

If you want to always be proud of what you do and who you are; If you are detail oriented; if you share Groupe Desgagnés commitment to ethics, honesty, and integrity; and if you strive for excellence, welcome aboard!

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